Friday, August 3, 2012

Duties of PEF Missionary vs Counselor in a YA Wards

Dear Elder Stokoe,

. . . Whimpy hamburgers there in Port Elizabeth uses giraffe, ostrich, chicken and any other meat/animal that is available.  Probably monkeys and gazelles, and ????  ... whatever else is roaming around!!!

You know, I like your idea of "going on a mission", especially there, to Port Elizabeth!!!  Sounds like it would be more relaxing than being here in Utah in a single adult ward, that's for sure!  Monday evening, FHE was from 6 PM to 10:30 PM.  Last night's blessing from 6:45 to 9 PM.  Tonight, home ward "Annual Ward Picnic" which starts at 6 PM, then Prospective Elders at my singles ward at 8:30 PM, tomorrow (Thursday evening) bishopric meeting starts at 6:30 PM followed by interviews until 10 to 11 PM, sometime until midnight!  Right now, Friday and Saturday is free of church activities, but we'll have to see if that holds true.  Hope you're enjoying the Olympics.  I haven't had time to watch any of it!!!  Got some paper work to do.  Hope to write more .... later.

Take care,  Everett

Elder Stokoe replies to Everett on  Mon, 30 Jul 2012  

Thanks Everett.  We have Norton anti- virus on our computer.  We’ve had for a couple of years.  There must be something else blocking reception and application of Smile Box.  We’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times to no avail.  Had help from Janette and Elder Taylor but still does not function.  

Whimpy’s has the same as us back home except their burger meat is not as good as ours.  Interesting the different kinds of beef jerky they here:  impala, bontebok, springbok, ostrich, giraffe and others.  I was surprised at these offerings.  You wouldn’t think that there would be such a thing as giraffe and ostrich beef/chicken jerky but it exists.  Anyway – we went to an animal park last week about 5 days after 4 days of solid rainfall and got stuck in the mud.  We had to be rescued by a truck and tow rope.  Our flat situation is still up in the air.  

Some good spiritual events over the weekend.  Made 30 ham sandwiches to feed our Planning for Success class and whoever was hanging out in the church building, plus took 3 bottles of guava juice.  Everything eaten.  Fruit juices over here are really good with all kinds of varieties – sort of like Egypt in a way when we came across some we had never known before.  Today is P Day – well every day is practically a P Day.  Sister S and I were discussing your busy church schedule.  She suggested you and Corrine ought to come on a full time mission so you can take a break from your busy ward schedule and relax.  With a full time mission like ours you might have 1/20th the work and responsibilities you have there and can sight see at leisure.  Well, it will be a different story when we go to East London next month and have to jump start PEF in 14 different wards and branches, plus 2 branches in a neighboring bush town.    Diane wants the lap top to exercise with zumba so this is it for now.

Elder S.

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