Thursday, June 21, 2012

Setting the record straight

 Thomas Stokoe to Corinne Young, laraine Kent
Corinne & Laraine:

I need to set the record straight:  I am not directing "Joseph", have no desire to direct "Joseph", and will not direct "Joseph."  There will be no production of "Joseph."  It was mere discussion brought up by the Murdocks who had just arrived from the U.S. and been in this country seven days and are stationed in a city 300 miles away.  They are super enthused about their call as Public Relations advocates for the Church and are making the rounds across South Africa promoting "Helping Hands", projects where LDS church members and community groups work jointly in rendering service.

I was asked what I did in the U.S. and Sister S. replied I was a drama teacher.  Sister Murdock said she had been involved in drama, had choreographed musicals (one being "Joseph"), and had her own dance studio for 13 years. Sister S. mentioned I had directed "Joseph" 3 times and immediately Elder Murdock enthusiastically suggested his wife and I collaborate and produce "Joseph" and tour South Africa.  This could be a multi-denomination production, supported by elements of the community and churches involved, and be great publicity for the LDS church.  The fact  we are assigned by the church to dwell in cities 300 miles apart was ignored, the rehearsal time frame          
for such a production would necessitate daily rehearsal 5 days per week for practically 2 months, and the costs of mounting such a production and taking it on tour across South Africa would be outrageously phenomenal. Sister Murdock enthusiastically talked about costumes and Elder Murdock excitedly asked, "What role can I play?" to which Sister Murdock replied, "You can play Pharaoh."  Elder Murdock immediately started to warble a few notes and for all purposes the light turned green and the production was "go".  

Corinne and Laraine, it's a pipe dream, a figment of the imagination, a "seven day in Africa" expression of enthusiasm that will melt once reality sets in. I did not come on a mission to direct "Joseph."  I came enthusiastically on an African mission to serve as a Perpetual Education Fund educator. I am a loan officer.  Well, so much for dreams and enthusiasm.  Have a good day.

Elder S.


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