Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Planning for Success"

    We enjoyed participating in two  "Planning for Success" workshops.  It was fun to act as co-operating teachers. Tom and I just sat observing like college professors training new teachers.  It was the first time either of these black leaders had taught  PEF.  They related well to the students and could understand them better than either of us could had we been asked to teach.  We prepared refreshments and made positive comment at the end of each class. Tom hung up a sheet to use as a screen for Brother Ntshebe and brought our Eiki for the PEF power point presentation.  (Neither library had a projector.) We were late getting to the class at Kawobuthle on Thursday.  After waiting for 15 minutes outside the locked gate at Kwamagxaki, Tom called the instructor and discovered we were at the wrong building.   We quickly drove over to Kawobuhle where two students and Brother Stokwe, were waiting for the workbooks.  No matter.  This is Africa.  A third student was just arriving.   Brother Stokwae showed the video and then decided to reconvene next week since there was evidently a missunderstanding between Kawobuthle 1 and 2 ward.  The time had not been announced nor posted so none of the participants from Kawobuthle 2 came.  
    Only five students of the seven showed the following night at Kwamagxai--the three siblings, two sisters and their brother along with Mawethu Olepu, the preacher's son and Sabata Minakara, the seminary teacher.  All had done their homework and were prepared.  The other three young men, who had attended the previous week, were no shows.  Tom noted that each had trouble reading.  Perhaps they dropped out because they were embarrassed and/or did not think they could complete the work--a common problem here in S.A. where graduation requirements were lowered from 70% passing to 35% passing in 1995.  Many blacks simply do not have the skills necessary to for technical training or success at a university.
   We have flat inspection on Tuesday as the Elders have transfers on Wednesday.  One set will go to Nimibia.  (All the Elders there were taken out of Nimibia a few months ago when the government failed to renew their visas.)  The flat on Diggerdy will be closed.  Thank goodness!  It's the worst in the area.  There is a cockroach collection pinned to their map and they hear termites chomping away at their roof at night. We will dispose of all the old furniture and see that the flat is clean so that the cleaning deposit will be returned.  We are moving to flat #17 next door at the end of the month.  The transaction among buyer, seller and  the mission office finally came together just hours before the lease on our flat would be renewed automatically.  What a blessing!  
   We are looking forward to meeting all the other PEF senior couples in Africa in a couple of weeks.  We will be in PEF training in Jo-Berg from May 21 through May 24th .  Brother Mindela has asked us to prepare 10 minute devotional talks Tuesday morning.  Tom and I are looking forward to getting information on our program and clarity on our role here in Port Elizabeth.  

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