Tuesday, March 20, 2012

     I am very unhappy about not being able to publish Smileboxes.  When I finally figure it out I'll post them.  After eight years of technology issues in the OHS, my biggest fear is that I'll be expected to do something but my lack of tech ability will prevent me.  When I discovered that we were not going to be in LaBrays flat., I had visions of all our PEF stuff sitting in the garage in a tangeled mess.  It's all I can do to operate my new HP touch pad, let alone trying to set up operations in P.E.  But back to our story

   Our failing GPS got us close to our Lorraine flat.  The Van Sickels met us, got us through the gate and into our apartment. I spent most of the night unpacking and organizing the study which was a good thing as Gary Laake, stake executive secretary, arrived and hooked us up the next day.  Brother and Sister VanSickel took us to the bank to open an account in the event the young elders needed anything.  Those receipts go to the mission in headquarter while receipts for our PEF needs are sent to Jberg.  The loan information and progress of all our PEF students is set up thru LDS Teams-PEF administered in Salt Lake.

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