Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we were trained to teach Seminary and Institute Classes.  "Are you a sage on the stage or a guide on the side?"  Engage kids by asking them focused questions.  Do not lecture.  Teach your students to search, analyze and apply.  One interesting  fact:  A backward P symbol before a bible verse indicates a scene change.  We are impressed by the dedication of these senior missionaries.  The Homes, an elderly couple, are returning to Siberia.  It's their fourth mission.  The Millers, who will be serving in Cape Town, just sold and their home, all their furniture and gave their cars to their kids.  I had lunch with a sister today who contributes monthly to PEF.  "I've educated seven children. Now I'm going to educate seven more from developing countries."  Eighty percent of the LDS leadership in Mexico today received Perpetual Education Funds. Tom and I will be in SLC Thursday & Friday for PEF training.  We were told that  R. Kelly Hawks, Center For Young Adults, is our Assigned Administrator.  Now I'm not sure who we work for.  Seminaries and Institutes, PEF or our  mission president.

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